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    We provide the best It solutions like security , structured cabling, Erp solutions and maintenance etc.. for Small and Medium sized companies in GCC.

    ERP software consolidates business process into coherent system. ERP software joins the key task of an organisation such as planning, manufacturing, finance etc and provides the best ERP solutions.

    Business management methodologies using ERP solutions varying from manufacturing, trading to real estate, CRM and HR payroll solutions are guaranteed at VOi.

    Distinct ERP solutions based on the specification to meet the business process is persuaded at VOi. Collaborate the entire marketing and supply chain in order to make adaptable and cost-effective processes.

    ERP software helps operation and production management with accurate level of planning and timely scheduling, inventory control and finally assembling finished goods.

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    ERP Modules

    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Project Management
    • Planning And Scheduling
    • Human Resource Management
    • Production Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Sales Management

    FTA Accredited ERP Solutions

    ERP software at VOi provide solutions which rationalized process handling at lower cost with client service and satisfaction being given the most significance. Futuristic decision making for companies in Dubai with the view of financial growth by analyzing financial statements with the best ERP tool of VOi. VOi gives excellent sales automation and documentation management with crucial task done at the earliest. VOi software offers faster and easy access and management of orders through better communication and association. A competent and versatile ERP solution giving weight-age to customer satisfaction. We help clients to migrate from the old ERP system to the new VAT-approved ERP and offer a complete FTA accredited system.

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    Trading ERP in Dubai

    VOi trading ERP gives huge industry ranging from placing order, planning, dispatch to logistics and shipment. Unique database level of management accord the top level ERP software. Manage and organise orders so as to facilitate industry oriented task in order to customise customer requirement. Profit focused approach with trading ERP software improve the economy by increasing the productivity. VoiIT grants ERP Software Solutions for diverse department making work easier and faster by monitoring resources at real time. Sales automation is another feature which is furnished to generate reports and to do similar task quicker. Transform Complex supply chain, logistics accounting documentation and business intelligence into simplified processes.

    Self regulating real estate which integrates workflow and overall activities and processes. VOi permit customer relationship with accurate data collection from planning phase until its final execution. Profit oriented methods with client satisfaction given prior importance. Mapping the metrices for better implementation and increase productivity by consistent economic analysis with error-free techniques of VOi software’s, the best solution providers in Dubai. Enhanced property availability check considering analyzing acute facets and giving 360 degree view of this aspects. VOi estimates market status and optimize property Management with reference to value based organizing. ERP facilitates easing of financial transaction with minimal agent work load as well as renting out of rooms, flat, villas and even commercial buildings.

    CRM software

    VOi understand the business relationship of its customers and helps to best of absolute customer retention through a top level ERP software. Huge volume of data patterns based on the requirement of the customers are fetched and analysed in order to predict the suitable relationship management criteria. CRM ERP software focuses and takes into concerned not only the profitability but also the longevity of your company. Interactive sales and marketing department so as customer needs with wider scope of possibility. ERP for CRM is operated at lesser cost and greater productivity. It also takes into concern the sales readings by automating crucial tasks as per customer pattern. Better time management for reaching organisational goals by faster processing of business task.

    VOi ERP for CRM gives automated marketing strategies based on data shared, personalized experiences experiences, statistics and thereby creating an extraordinary a different level of experience. VOi covers various aspects of Management which includes sustainable opportunity management, nurturing customer relationship through account management, activity management, prediction, invoicing etc VOi ERP software service oriented characteristics request report, RFQ quotations, activity management expense report generation video with order processing and invoicing. ERP services with lead routing automation as well as automated interaction through mail customer request.VOi ERP gives high priority to its user so it delivers software with high quality security measures. HR and payroll solutions

    Miscellaneous HR functionalities are covered which include employee management such as employee data storage factor management to emerging growth initiated areas such as planning and resourcing. Flexible and nominal cost software’s for handling HR life cycle promises an integrated HR documentation management. These are exclusively made software for companies in Dubai. Other main features for companies include recruitment, employee personal details, salary details, time-sheet or attendance management, payment through cash or card and WPS, leave salary, benefits and gratuity details etc.

    VAT enabled ERP

    VOi software is fully VAT enabled which aids in running your business successfully. ERP software with VAT enabled features gives a better transparency for your business VOi ERP software for companies in Dubai gives customized software with the most advanced VAT enabled attribute. Tax payment at each transaction from distributors, supply chain, customers etc are incorporated in our software for easing the calculations. Accurate and error-free VAT enabled ERP which emphasis on the smooth financial transaction in turn helps the growth of your industry.

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