It is no secret that the appearance of a website is as important as the content in it. Even if the website contains high-quality materials it is no use if it is not readable. Hence the intelligent use of images and fonts in a site enhances the overall appeal and the traffic generated.

But there is more to the usage of fonts than many gathers. Unlike olden times, when most used to access the web only through their desktop computers, people browse the internet through a variety of devices nowadays. The different operating systems of the phones, laptops, tablets and so on creates a problem as many have a few common fonts. It can so happen that the font you used for your website may not be prepackaged in them.

What are Web safe fonts?

In simple terms, Web safe fonts are a set of fonts that are universally accepted and installed in all devices. As the fonts need not be downloaded, the website will be loaded faster. This can greatly help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the quickness of loading is a determining factor in page ranking in SERP.

If you are not using safe browser fonts, the speed of the website may get sacrificed. Nevertheless, if you prefer to stand out from the crowd by using a not so common font, you can surely do that.

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Which are the popular web safe fonts?

Certain fonts are supported by almost all devices worldwide. You can use these for your website without worrying much about the readability and device support issues. They will enhance the loading speed and reading experience. The use of these HTML fonts will also reinforce the professional feel of your website.

Examples of web safe fonts are given below. You may use any one or a combination of two or more according to your website’s requirement.

  • Times New Roman

Times New Roman may be the most popular and widely used font. Though it was brought into vogue by Windows, it is supported by almost all operating systems. It gives an official look and a serious tone to your website. It is also considered one of the best web safe fonts for Google. Since most web users avail the service of Google Search Engine for browsing, usage of this font can definitely give you an edge.

  • Times Web Font

Times is a classic font used in old paper prints. Its small size and narrow look made it a preferred font in the old print media. It is also the forerunner of the now popular Times New Roman Font.

  • Arial Web Fonts

Arial font has become a standard font for most uses. They can be used as safe fonts for PowerPoints and web safe fonts for email. The noncurly letters (sans-serif font) of Arial give it a neat appearance and hence is widely used. Note that on Windows devices this font is often substituted for other unsupported font types.

  • Verdana Web Fonts

If you are looking for a true web font Verdana is the perfect choice. Because of its super large size, it is highly readable by people of all ages. The sans serif lines give a simple appearance to the font making it a favorite font for many. It is considered one of the best in the HTML fonts list.

  • Courier Web Fonts

Courier is a good font that is supported by almost all devices worldwide. It is usually the old monospace stand-by that is used by most devices. If you find the font attractive, you can surely use it without getting concerned about whether it will go unsupported by operating systems.

  • Courier New Web Fonts

Courier New, is a new version of the Courier font. Like the old version, this is also a monospaced font. As it is a common font, there are many websites from which you can download this web safe font much easily

  • Georgia Web Fonts

Georgia is a large-sized font that is similar to Verdana. It can be substituted for the Verdana font if it comes to it. But take care not to mix it with other font sizes as its large size may invite unnecessary attention to it.

The large size of the Georgia font has other advantages too. It ideal for use in PowerPoint presentations. Hence it is considered one of the best safe browser fonts for PowerPoint.

  • Palatino Web Fonts

Palatino is an improved version of the sixteenth century calligraphic fonts. Its old-style serif typeface and large size is suitable for websites. As Georgia font, this is also a safe font for PowerPoint and email uses.

  • Roboto Web Fonts

Developed by Google, this sans-serif typeface is prolifically used by the Android operating system. It is now widely used in other OS too. Hence it is a web safe font.

  • Helvetica Web Fonts

Helvetica is one of the oldest fonts available. The new Arial font is an updated version of Helvetica. It can be used for short paragraphs. Macintosh and Unix operating systems, as well as PostScript printers, use Helvetica widely. But Windows operating system may replace the font with Arial.

  • Garamond Web Fonts

Like Palatino, Garamond is an old-school font which has its origins during the renaissance period (16th century). The font we use today is the improved version of the old style. It was introduced by Windows and was since adopted by almost all operating systems.

  • Comic Sans MS Web Fonts

Comic Sans MS is the non-serious font in the sans serif family. Its appearance makes it most useful in informal content but looks out of place in serious and formal ones. Hence make sure to use the font where it is most suited.

  • Arial Black

Arial Black is the same as Arial. The only difference is that it is more bolder and bigger than Arial. The font also is similar to Helvetica. It was first developed to replace Helvetica on the print without having to pay for the license.

  • Candara

Candara is another sans-serif typeface font made by Microsoft. When Windows Vista was released, the font was part of the ClearType Font Collection in it.

  • Impact

Impact is a headline font that can be used in short sentences. It is known for getting included by Microsoft since Windows 98 and in core fonts for web package.


The fonts prescribed above have been around for some years and hence are widely accessible. The variety of devices and operating systems do not form a barrier for them. So it is safer to use them according to context if you want your content to be easily read.

As discussed above, apart from enhancing the readability and professional appearance of your website the safe browser fonts also helps to improve the loading speed of the page. This is helpful as it improves the SERP ranking.

Hope you have got a good idea about the different web-safe fonts and their uses. If you understand each one and use them diligently, you can take full advantage.

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